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Dr. Anthony DeLuca
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Testimonial: Patient – Jerilyn

I see Dr. Rao, my neurologist, on a regular basis and she referred me to Dr. DeLuca to treat my neck and shoulder tension that cause my chronic migraines. I came in to DeLuca Family Chiropractic with constant pain in my neck and shoulders, left side numbness, frequent migraines, and limited range of motion in my neck. After six weeks, my pain subsided. I no longer wake up shaking or in pain and I can move my neck without an issue. The pain is almost gone – I have the feeling back in my muscles. I feel great!! My migraines have also subsided. The pain is now rare! I am ecstatic about the results. My quality of life has improved so much. I now know what it’s like to live without being in pain or afraid of getting a migraine that will last for weeks. I did seek other professional help before coming to DeLuca Family Chiropractic. I had seen chiropractors in the past which failed miserably. I’ve seen physical therapists for temporary relief. In addition, I have had neurological surgery and seen a neurologist regularly. The massage treatments helped me in particular as well as neck rolls. I am also a fan of the electronic muscle stimulation, it seemed to not work at first, but them really was a great success. Also, Dr. DeLuca takes a very detailed medical history which is fruitful to the treatment plan. I found Maria, from DeLuca Family’s staff to be a helpful, fun and positive. Everyone is so warm, welcoming and treats you like family!

Testimonial: Patient – Srilatha

Dear Dr. DeLuca, 

Thank you so much for healing my pain. Before I came to you sometimes I used to limp. Now I can walk without limping. You are wonderful.

Thank you – just two small words to express so much gratitude.

Testimonial: Patient – Keith

My daughter started some therapy with the doctor that helped her with some muscle pulls and soreness. So with that success, I decided to try with my neck. Constant headaches they would start in my neck and travel up my head to the back of my eyes. I was getting headaches three-five times per week. Almost immediately after my appointment with Dr. DeLuca, I had pain relief. The first day that I went in to see the doctor, I felt an oncoming headache. That headache never surfaced. I have been seeing the doctor for two weeks and only one headache so far. The pain has not completely gone away, however it has been manageable in the past two weeks. I am extremely happy with my results. I look forward to the day instead of anticipating pain now. Also, from my daughter’s perspective; she is much more positive about her injury. She is back to her regular workout routines and her tightness is going away. 

I did see other professionals before coming to DeLuca Family Chiropractic. I went to many doctors. None of them helped reduce my headaches at all. I even looked at my diet to see if something in it was causing the pain. I think the best “treatment” the doctor offered was the exercises he showed me. These exercises that I do each day help stretch out the muscles in my neck. Also, he has been pinpointing muscles that we focus relief to via massage.

All of the staff members are very courteous. Maria is there at night when I typically have my appointments. She always has a smile on and greets everyone. The staff will juggle their schedule and are very flexible.

The doctor’s best trait is that he works with you not on you. He always tells me what he is doing and how I can continue the work at home, if necessary. He is a real nice guy that can work with children as well as adults.

“I was referred to Dr. DeLuca by a friend. I had a severe head injury, neck pain, herniated and bulging discs and spinal pain radiating from my lower back into my right leg. The pain has not completely gone away, but I am very content with my results. I did not receive any other professional help before coming to DeLuca Family Chiropractic. Other than Dr. DeLuca, the office staff was very friendly and provided a lot of moral support.”

Testimonial: Patient – John

“I was a walk-in to DeLuca Family Chiropractic. I came to the office with lower back pain. After a week, I felt relief in my lower back. I was very happy with the results. I had received injections for pain relief before, but Dr. DeLuca’s stretching has helped a great deal.”

Testimonial: Patient – Brian

“Dear Dr. DeLuca,

I have been receiving chiropractic care for twenty years. The chiropractor I was using discontinued his practice. You were recommended to me by one of his nurses (Carol). My first visit occurred on May 19, 2008.

While I was satisfied with the care received from my former chiropractor, but I feel you are helping me more and providing better service, than I ever received before.

One example of this is: I was experiencing pain in my right shoulder for about a year and a half. I mentioned this to you on my third visit. You worked on it for a few minutes, and the pain was gone and has not returned.

My experience for the first two months with you has been very beneficial to me. I plain to use you for all my chiropractic needs, for many years to come.

Thank you for all you have done for me.”

Testimonial: Patient – Arty

“I was diagnosed and treated incorrectly for two years, until I met Dr. DeLuca.

He listened and most importantly heard my complaints and after only one visit, I was finally cured of my pain I suffered with for two years and many doctors later. This has been a great year for me. I sold my house and met Dr. DeLuca, my savior. I would recommend everyone who is suffering from any type of hip and back pain to visit Dr. DeLuca.”

Testimonial: Patient – Janet

“Dr. DeLuca was a savor after my accident. I was in so much pain. I received an appointment right away and he listened to everything I had to say. He is not one of those doctors that rush you out and stops listening to what your concerns are – he really cares about every person that walks through his door.

Every time I entered his office his wonderful staff greeted me right away. Dr. DeLuca is an excellent Chiropractor who cares a great deal about his patients. I have never been to an office where you are made to feel so welcomed. I highly recommended people to use Dr. DeLuca as their Chiropractor! He has made a difference in the way I feel since my accident.”

Testimonial: Patient – Kelly

“A friend who was a patient referred me to DeLuca Family Chiropractic. I had back and shoulder pain and felt I needed some help. It only took a few days to have pain relief – now the pain is almost 100% gone. I am happy with the result now because I have complete movement. The deep tissue treatments in particular from Dr. DeLuca really helped relieve my pain. Also, the office staff was very friendly and helpful. Dr. DeLuca was gentle and patient with me. He knew I was nervous and he explained everything he was doing. In a much quicker timeframe than I anticipated, I have full range of motion. I would definitely recommend DeLuca Family Chiropractic.”

Testimonial: Patient – Lori

“My wife works for Woodbridge Open MRI and they know of DeLuca Family Chiropractic very well. I came into your office with upper back and neck pain. I felt pain relief in one visit. I was happy with my results and was amazed that after one visit, three weeks of pain was gone! The muscle stimulus used in your office, I felt was the best reliever when it came to my pain. Other than Dr. DeLuca, Maria was welcoming, pleasant and friendly. Dr. D was personable, explained everything he did in human terms and was extremely professional and pleasant. I will be recommending DeLuca Family Chiropractic to all my friends and family and my wife’s employer know how wonderful DeLuca Family Chiropractic was.”

Testimonial: Patient – Steve

“I saw Dr DeLuca’s sign while passing by. I’d been having lower back pain. Dr. DeLuca’s treatment relieved my pain in two visits. It went completely away. I am very happy. I didn’t have to seek other professional help. The pads and massaging helped the most. His office staff is excellent as well. Dr. DeLuca is so nice and he relieved my pain and got me walking again.”

Testimonial: Patient – Tracey

“I had been having neck pain and headaches. My doctor recommended Dr. DeLuca. After the second visit I noticed the improvement. My headache was almost gone. I was so happy. After Dr. DeLuca treated me I felt the difference. I was seeing a medical doctor but I wasn’t getting any results. The muscle massage and the stim pads were the most helpful. His office staff are nice people. It’s nice to come here and see that they take care of you right away.”

Testimonial: Patient – Giovanna

“I ‘d heard of Dr. DeLuca by word of mouth and met him years ago when he first started his practice. So, when I started to have pain in my right shoulder, I thought of him. His treatment relieved my pain immediately after the first treatment. The electric stim and the massage helped immensely. Dr. DeLuca is very easy to talk to and his staff is friendly and efficient. Visiting Dr. DeLuca was a very good experience. He is an excellent chiropractor.”

Testimonial: Patient – Elaine

“I’d heard of Dr. DeLuca from my girlfriend. When I developed back pain she suggested I go see him. After just one visit, my pain had diminished significantly. The massage helped the most. Being Dr. DeLuca’s patient has been an enjoyable experience.”

Testimonial: Patient – Thomas

“I was having lower back pain and happened to see DeLuca Family Chiropractic ‘s sign as I was driving, so I made an appointment. Dr. DeLuca is friendly and personable. He used the electrical stim and stretching to help my pain. It only took 2 sessions with Dr. DeLuca and the pain was gone. I thought it would be impossible to feel so good so fast.”

Testimonial: Patient – Al

“I was experiencing lower back pain and muscle spasms. My neurologist referred me to Dr. DeLuca. Dr. DeLuca and his staff are friendly and helpful. After three visits I had dramatic improvement and the spasms were completely gone.”

Testimonial: Patient – Vivek

“I have had pain in various places. Since I suffer from fibromyalgia, I have had symptoms throughout my entire body. I’ve been under the care of a rheumatologist and I was not thrilled about taking so many medications for pain. I passed Dr. DeLuca’s office every day and decided to make an appointment. After several visits I started to feel major improvement. His overall treatment has been very helpful.

I will continue coming for treatment because I continue to improve. Also, coming to his office is pleasant because he has a warm, courteous and lovely staff.”

Testimonial: Patient – Rachelle

“Dr. DeLuca,

I very much want to thank you for your excellent chiropractic care and extreme kindness to me over the past 4 years. You have been fantastic and I would recommend you to anyone any where. When I do get around to exercise, the power blocks you gave me and my treadmill are about all I do. Without them I would be one large couch potato! So my point is to say, thank you!! I have enjoyed coming to you for my chiropractic care.”

Testimonial: Patient – Bob

“I started seeing Dr DeLuca for my lower back pain. He is very enthusiastic about his work. He takes a very personal approach to making sure you benefit from the treatments. Within 2 visits I was feeling better and after 3 visits I experienced greater range of motion and a great deal of pain relief.

The front desk staff is polite and positive and his entire office staff are extremely helpful.

From the moment you walk into Dr DeLuca’s office you get the sense you came to the right place. I would recommend him to anyone.”

Testimonials: Patient -Terry

“After my car accident I was referred to Dr. DeLuca by my attorney. I had a lot of neck and lower back pain. Dr. DeLuca is compassionate and accommodating. His treatment is excellent. The massage and electric stim pads were very helpful.

Now, most of the time I am pain free. the doctor and his office staff are simply amazing. They are extremely pleasant & helpful. I highly recommend Dr. DeLuca to anyone requiring chiropractic treatment.”

Testimonial: Patient – Suvra

“I came to Dr. DeLuca with bad pain in the mid section of my back. After my first visit to Dr. DeLuca, I felt much better. I continued my treatments for several days which eliminated all of my pain. I continued with weekly treatments in orders to ensure no further problems occurred.

I have been to other chiropractors over the years for minor aches and pains but I have never had the results I’ve had with Dr. DeLuca. I believe the combination of electric stim and the manual massage treatments used by Dr. DeLuca and his knowledge, all worked together to bring me to where I am today. He has also taught me techniques to use at home to help strengthen my body.

Dr. DeLuca’s office staff is excellent! From the first day I entered the office, I have always been greeted in a timely, warm and professional manner. The doctor and his staff are always upbeat and attentive to your needs.”

Testimonial: Patient – Drew

“I was referred to Dr. DeLuca by my neurologist. I came in with constant pain in my neck and shoulders, left side numbness and frequent migraines. After about six weeks most of the pain subsided. I no longer wake up shaking or in pain. I am ecstatic about the results. My quality of life has improved so much. Dr. DeLuca takes a very detailed medical history at the first visit which is fruitful to the treatment plan. The massages in particular have helped me. The electric stim eventually became a great success as well. I would recommend Dr. DeLuca to anyone.”

Testimonial: Patient – Jeralyn

“I came to DeLuca Family Chiropractic originally for back pain, but while there, inquired about some knee discomfort I had previously had. After about two weeks of treatment twice a week, I began to feel relief. The pain did not completely go away but after treatments and exercises shown to me by Dr. DeLuca, it is almost completely gone. I was surprised and extremely happy with the results. I did not think I would get relief that way. I feel like all the treatments combined helped with the results. Everyone at DeLuca Family Chiropractic is phenomenal. They are very friendly and helpful.”

Testimonial: Patient – Micheline